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bless4 will be performing at AWA this year!!

You can catch bless4 in Georgia!! Clickhere for details.

「Yumetsumugi」is the ending theme song for "Mama Mama"

You can catch "Yumetsumugi"'s shortened music video on "Mama Mama" every Saturday! Clickhere for details.

bless4 will make an appearance at「mama EXPO 2013 spring/summer」:

"Let's Have A Party"

bless4 will make their 10th Anniversary vows at their anniversary concert "〜Chikai Let's Have A Party〜"


「アニメロサマーライブ2012 -INFINITY∞-」Blu-ray & DVD On Sale Wednesday, March 27th!!
●「Animelo Summer Live 2012 -INFINITY∞- 8.25」Artists:
AKINO with bless4、アフィリア・サーガ・イースト、ALI PROJECT、ALTIMA、 いとうかなこ×志倉千代丸 -科学アドベンチャーユニット-、川田まみ、 鈴木このみ、StylipS、田村ゆかり、Zwei、南里侑香、野水いおり、 PERSONA4 MUSIC BAND、三澤紗千香、May'n、森口博子、ゆいかおり (五十音順)

「Sunshine Dancer」Placed #2 for 4 consecutive weeks!

「Sunshine Dancer」, bless4's second single in Europe, placed #2 on Radio Berlin's International Charts for 4 consecutive weeks!!

bless4 Christmas Live ~ほっと心温(ココア)~Questionnaire!

Thank you for tuning in to "bless4 Christmas Live ~ほっと心温(ココア)~"! We are planning on broadcasting a Christmas Live next year as well, so please take some time to share your opinions with us.

You can answer the following questions on bless4's Facebook page

●Thank you for watching bless4's Christmas Live! Which song did you enjoy the most?
●How was the broadcasted times? Which time was best for you?
●If there was a broadcast next year, would you like to watch it?
●What songs would you like bless4 to sing in next year's Christmas Live?
●Many people are requesting for a bless4 Christmas album... what are your thoughts on this?
●To better our broadcast, please let us know if there was anything else you felt about the Christmas Live.

Thank you

bless4 Christmas Live ~Hot Cocoa~

Wouldn't you love to spend a heart warming time with bless4 on Christmas?

Date: Tuesday, December 25th
Time: 12:00 〜 12:30pm (Japan Standard Time)

1st re-run: 8:00 〜 8:30pm (JST)
2nd re-run: 11:00 〜 11:30pm (JST)

Christmas Memories
We are looking for "Christmas Memories" you have experienced!! Ones that make you laugh, cry, and are absolutely heart-warming.

Memories Deadline: Thursday, December 13th

We will be reading your "Christmas Memories" during our Christmas live or sharing it on our blog. Please let everyone know about this post by sharing this message. (Please note that we will not be able to introduce every single "memory" we receive.)
*For every person who submits their "Christmas Memory", they will receive a bless4 wallpaper!

Send your pen name and "Christmas Memory" to
Let's make new memories with bless4 on Christmas!

Won 1st place in カスペ!『芸能人アカペラ選手権ハモネプスターリーグ』(Celebrity Hamonep Star League)!

Team: 出動!アカペラーZ (Shutsudo A Cappella Z)!!
Team Members: Ichiro Mizuki, Mitsuko Horie, Akira Kushida, bless4

bless4 Official Homepage Renewal!